Benadryl Dosage Chart for Dogs

Always consider a professional before giving your dog Benadryl. You can use this table as an instrument to see how much Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) you can give your dog. You should administer this dosage every 8 hours/3 times a day.

Dog Weight Regular Dosage Maximum Dosage
8 lb 8 mg 16 mg
10 lb 10 mg 20 mg
12 lb 12 mg 24 mg
14 lb 14 mg 28 mg
16 lb 16 mg 32 mg
18 lb 18 mg 36 mg
20 lb 20 mg 40 mg
22 lb 22 mg 44 mg
24 lb 24 mg 48 mg
26 lb 26 mg 52 mg
28 lb 28 mg 56 mg
30 lb 30 mg 60 mg
32 lb 32 mg 64 mg
34 lb 34 mg 68 mg
36 lb 36 mg 72 mg
38 lb 38 mg 76 mg
40 lb 40 mg 80 mg
42 lb 42 mg 84 mg
44 lb 44 mg 88 mg
46 lb 46 mg 92 mg
48 lb 48 mg 96 mg
50 lb 50 mg 100 mg
52 lb 52 mg 104 mg
54 lb 54 mg 108 mg
56 lb 56 mg 112 mg
58 lb 58 mg 116 mg
60 lb 60 mg 120 mg
62 lb 62 mg 124 mg
64 lb 64 mg 128 mg
66 lb 66 mg 132 mg
68 lb 68 mg 136 mg
70 lb 70 mg 140 mg
72 lb 72 mg 144 mg
74 lb 74 mg 148 mg
76 lb 76 mg 152 mg
78 lb 78 mg 156 mg
80 lb 80 mg 160 mg
82 lb 82 mg 164 mg
84 lb 84 mg 168 mg
86 lb 86 mg 172 mg
88 lb 88 mg 176 mg
90 lb 90 mg 180 mg












































A DVM(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) in this video talks about Benadryl for dogs, common causes of hives/rashes in dogs, sudden allergic reactions and how you can use Benadryl (diphenhydramine), claritin(loradadine), or other antihistamines to help with the swelling.
A transcript of the video is also below the video.

Video Transcript:

Last night about 1 o’clock, she started developing all these hive. And you can see these swellings, and see how red her eyes are. Right here you can see the redness around her eyes, and the swelling – redness – there’s swelling around her nose. And if you look, you can see the redness. Where you can see these hives are raised, and circular. And they’re kinda all over her body.

So – and she got – she started getting these in the middle of the night. And so she got some Benadryl. She got a pill and a half. And they probably would have been much worse had she not got that. The things that cause allergic reactions like this are – food allergy, change of food. A new treat, a jerky treat. If a dog is – normally gets chicken, and they get a beef treat. So biscuits with wheat in it can also cause this. An insect bite, like a bee sting can cause this. New medication or flea control can cause this. Recent vaccinations may also cause allergies.

Just like she got last night, you can give your dog Benadryl. They get a milligram per pound every – say 8 hours. And – but when the hives are this bad, sometimes they need anti – not antimox, they need steroids. So I’m going to give a shot of dexamethasone to (1:39?) to help her get over this. But I thought this would just be a really good example of what – what you might see. So that you’ll know to give Benadryl at the highest dosage you can, which is a milligram per pound. Which for her, how much does she weigh?

56, 57. 

So she’s about – let’s say 60 pounds. So that’d be like 2 pills. And she got how much last night?

(2:03?). I was (2:04?) unsure how much. 

Yeah, no you’re not. Yes, but you did good. (2:07?) half is good. So we’re going to give her some cortizone. I’m going to give her a shot of dexamethasone. I’m going to give it under the skin. And that will really help with it. We’re going to send some prednisone pills home– And over the next day or 2. And then we’ll – and then what you’re going to do at home is just check out new– Any new changes of food, any new biscuits she had, any new chew toys, chew chew treats. And see if anything’s changed. See if there’s beef or wheat.


In them. And see if anybody gave her anything different. She’s a bulldog, which makes her more sensitive. And being a white dog, she’s even more sensitive, so–


Okay. So we’ll have some pills for you for a couple of days, and then so once you go home – go away by tomorrow.

I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about the dosage of Benadryl and Claragine and other antihistamines like Zyrtec and either (3:16?) Allegra. If a dog has a hive or swollen face or a sting – came in and Reggie’s whole face was swelling up. Or he had hives all over his body, just like that bulldog did. You would reach for an antihistamine. And which one you reach for, depends a lot on what you have in your cabinet – or how close you are to the drug store.

Say you reach for Benadryl or Diphenhydramine, you can see Diphenhydramine is up there right where my finger is, and it’s 25 milligrams. Reggie would get a milligram per pound twice a day, or he would get 12 milligrams. Oh look at him hug me. 12 milligrams, twice a day. And it hopefully would take down his hives. Some dogs react to some antihistamines better than others.

So if you had Loratadine or Claritin at home, then you would try to use that. And let’s see where Loratadine is. Oh it’s right down there, right by my finger. And you can see the Loratadine label. My finger’s covering a little bit. It’s 10 milligrams. Reggie would get a half of one. But a bigger dog would get a whole one.

So again, and I don’t know – did I tell you? I probably did tell you that Benadryl is a milligram per pound twice a day. So a big dog would get – say if you had a 75 pound dog, he’d get up to 3 of these. And don’t worry, you can’t cause any harm with antihistamines. Dogs are very tolerant of it. So Reggie could get half of one, because he’s only 12. But a big dog can get 3 easily of the Benadryl

Claritin, usually it’s just dosed – Claritin and Zyrtec usually come in 10 milligram pills. And they’re usually dosed at 10 milligrams for the bigger dogs, and half of one for medium to small dogs. And probably a quarter of one if you have a really tiny dog.

My website, Dog Dish Diet, I have a free download, “Doctor Greg’s home remedies, practical home remedies.” And if you go to the website, Dog Dish Diet, you can download some – you can download– I got lost there. You can download the home remedies. And it talks to you about lameness. It talks to you about ear infections. It talks to you about reactions.

I think Reggie’s getting bored. What do you think? I think – Reggie, are you getting bored? Yeah. He just wants to hug. He’s a sweet dog. Anyway, well have a good day, hope your dog doesn’t get stung.